About Denise

Denise Rutledge Brown has enjoyed a lifelong involvement with the arts, with
seemingly opposing influences that have combined into a unique artistic approach.

Denise’s choice of natural and landscape subject matter has arisen from childhood summers
spent trekking up and down the West Coast in a Volkswagen camper van, where she developed
an appreciation for immersion in nature...and hot running water. Her attention to detail was
honed by studying graphic design, and working as a natural science illustrator at the Cabrillo
Marine Aquarium.  Her abstract treatment of backgrounds and perspective can be traced
to exposure to 1970’s style, and a later interest in post-impressionism and photography.
She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach. 

Denise applies a unique perception of natural surroundings to create ‘moment in time’
landscapes marked by strong contrasts of light and dark, warm and cool colors, and
abstracted backgrounds with detailed foregrounds. Her process is direct and spontaneous,
which gives her work a fresh feeling that aims to reflect the beauty of God's creation.

"I want to use the abilities I have been blessed with to express the beauty I see in
God's creation, and hopefully inspire others just as I have been inspired.
--Denise R. Brown

Please contact Denise with any inquiries at:  denisebrownart@gmail.com